Customized for all sizes of interior closet spaces.

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Chestnut Ridge 32-103
Chestnut Ridge 33-103
Office Closet
Office Closet
Office Cabinet
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Accessory Ideas

Can be designed for both large scale and small scale projects.

Pull-Out Basket Hamper
Slide-Out Belt Rack
Pull-Out Ironing Board
Jewelry Drawer
Laundry Hamper
Pull-Out Pants Rack
Recessed Mirror
Exposed Mirror
Pull-Down Wardrobe
Jewelry Trays
Tie Rack
Pull-Out Valet
Shoe Rack
Pull-Out Shoe Storage
Scarf Rack
Pull-Out Hamper

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You Will be Amazed

You will be amazed at what a difference it makes when your closets and work spaces have the right design, with ample storage and no longer filled with clutter. We offer quality craftsmanship while delivering very affordable pricing. And our systems are customized to your exact space... not one board is released to the design and cut process until you create your perfect space!

No space is too large or too small:
  •  Closets
  •  Pantries
  •  Hobby Rooms
  •  Garages

Benefits of our custom storage systems:
  •  More design options to maximize your space
  •  Flat surfaces - say goodbye to boxes falling over in your pantry or sweaters having lines from the wire surfaces in your closets
  •  Wonderful accessories - pull-out shoe racks, wardrobe lifts, jewelry trays, hidden ironing boards…in a drawer! And that′s just naming a few.
  •  Range of colors and styles to choose from
  •  Radius corners - no sharp edges that could cause injury
  •  Better weight support
  •  Fully adjustable and easy to make additions later on. Find that you need more storage for jewelry, shoes, short items or long items after you get settled in? No problem!

Your closets and storage spaces will be so functional and interesting, you will want to show them off instead of hiding them away!

Cre8 Your Space builds and installs custom closets and storage spaces for homes in Crossville, Fairfield Glade... and from Cookeville to Kingston, Tennessee.